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Transforming the Future of Air Travel

To remain competitive in today's air travel era, collaboration is key.

The Millennial “wanderlust generation” is about to become the largest traveler population in human history. They have grown up with a seamless life of online experiences and excellent iterative design in all things digital.

The airline industry, however, has remained largely "product-centric." Digital transformation has blurred the line between legacy business models, forcing all the major suppliers to re-think their strategies.

Airlines now have two important opportunities in front of them: To become “engagement-centric” in relation to their customers, and to become “innovation orchestrators” for a new era of digital transformation and innovation across their entire industry.

Readers of This Paper Will:

  • Better understand the evolving demographic shifts impacting the air transport industry
  • Learn how airline digital transformation is changing the nature of the relationships and interactions between and among suppliers of air transport products, services and solutions
  • Discover new innovations impacting the future of the travel industry and gain ideas about how you and your organization can participate in this new age of creative air travel solutions.

This white paper is the first in a series of collaborations between Panasonic Avionics Corporation and Harbor Research on the future of air travel.